{2018.12.02 14:14}

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Dear AO support team


Thank you for your support


It is about the acquisition method of enchantment protection (hereinafter referred to as N protection) and super enchantment protection (S protection) and the enchantment probability


Since getting N protection from SPI Cap. can’t be acquired, the method of getting in the game is only the item shop summoned by the trigger system of Oasis MAP, or only by accounting. S Protection is the latter only.


To create weapons we need a lot of N protection and a lot of S protection. This large number is due to the extremely low enchantment probability. There were no problems as long as N protection and S protection were supplied as in Arario's operation. However, now that we do not even supply N protection, how much do we need when we try to create weapons only by billing? Please adjusting to a realistic balance.

p.s.Please create +12E weapon yourself. By the way, usually usable is +13E or more, and it is 12E with compromise.